What Causes Stretch Marks

All women harbour the desire to have a beautiful figure and a healthy body. This can generally be gained through a regular regime of exercise and well balanced diet. Though, no matter how toned and supple your body may be, to have unsightly stretch marks visible creates the desire to hide it away from view. Stretch marks generally occur during to pregnancy in women, though there are other reasons for stretch marks occurring and they can also affect men and children as well as women. In order to help prevent any stretch marks from occurring and reducing signs of their appearance, it is important to know what causes them in the first place. Stretch marks basically occur when the body is unable to produce collagen to accommodate new cell production in the epidermal layer. There are many different reasons why cell production will increase and here we will look at some of the main reasons.


This is a fairly obvious example as the skin expands so much during pregnancy that the skin is constantly increasing and there is a sudden rate of cell production. Under these conditions, the body finds it hard to balance the growth rate of the cells with the production of collagen and so stretch marks occur on the skin. Pregnancy is the most common cause of stretch marks for women as the sudden expansion of skin is unavoidable and sizable.


Though pregnancy is the most common cause of stretch marks, it is definitely not the only one. Puberty is quite a common cause of stretch marks as children will have sudden growth spurts and so the skin has a sudden increase cell production, again, that it finds hard to balance with the production of collagen. As per latest study by trilastinreview.com, the growth rate during puberty is the highest of our entire lives and during this time, great changes happen in the body which can cause stretch marks to appear in certain areas, hips and breasts being among the most commonly affected areas. While our bodies are going through such dramatic changes in a relatively short period of time, the skin finds it hard to keep up and the body can sometimes not produce enough collagen in time to provide for the rapid epidermal cell production.

Weight Gain

As with pregnancy and puberty, any sudden increase in weight will result in a sudden need to the skin to expand. This will then cause the same problem between the cell growth rate and the speed required for the necessary production of collagen. If the weight gain is slow and occurs over a longer period of time then the cells will have time to adjust comfortably to the skin expansion, it is only for sudden cases of weight gain that stretch marks tend to appear.

These are some of the main causes of stretch marks, though there are some others not mentioned. In today’s market there are many different topical treatments and stretch mark creams which can be purchased from local clinics and a visit to your dermatologist is advised to find the most suitable treatment for you personally.

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