What are the Causes for Dark Circles?

There are various factors which are responsible for dark circles and the most common of them is heredity. Yes, dark circles are genetic and run in the family. If your mother has dark circles there is great likelihood that you will also get dark circles, as you grow older. The good news is that eyelasticity cream can help you get rid off the dark circles even if it is a heredity problem.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Other Causes for Dark Circles

  • Dark Circles due to Aging – As we age, the facial skin thins down considerably, allowing bruising of the delicate skin around the eyes. The aged skin loses elasticity, shrivels up and easily forms dark circles.
  • Dark Circle due to Sun Exposure – Exposure to the sun aggravates formation of dark circles since the body produces more melanin as self defense. Melanin is a dark pigment which moves to the outer layer of the skin and gives it a darker color. In the case of the area around the eyes, melanin shows up as dark circles.
  • Dark Circles and Improper Nutrition – A diet, deficient in vitamins and minerals can cause dark circles. However, improving the diet and regular application of eyelasticity cream can lighten the dark circles.
  • Dark Circles due to Allergies – During an allergy attack, the body produces excessive histamine. It has been scientifically proven that histamine is the culprit for people with allergies to develop dark circles. Allergies can also cause the eyes to itch; rubbing the eyes can bruise the area and create dark circles.
  • Hormonal Activity and Dark Circles – It is believed that hormonal changes during pregnancy and menstruation cause dark circles in some women. If a proper diet is maintained through out pregnancy, dark circles can be avoided.
  • Other Causes of Dark Circles – Lack of sleep, prolonged illness and extreme tiredness are all responsible for the formation of dark circles. The weakness the body faces during these conditions reflects immediately in the form of dark circles.

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