Understanding Acrylic (Artificial) Nail Fungus

Acrylic nails are an attractive addition to your already beautiful hands. They can be long and sleek, and painted any color of the rainbow. For people with brittle natural nails this can be the perfect solution to whatever your need is for adding an artificial nail.

How Do You Get Acrylic Nail Fungus

Normally these nails are applied at Nail Salons. With a few easy steps your nails are longer, thicker and look amazing. But there can be a potential problem when you get your nails done. If the place you go has poor hygiene standards, you can become infected with nail fungus. The nail fungus thrives in the space between your natural nail and the artificial one. It is a warm, damp, airless place.

Of course, this application of the acrylic nail could be because your nail is already infected, and you want to cover up the unsightly brittle and discolored natural nail. This doesn’t provide a solution at all, instead it allows to problem to worsen. Any trained nail specialist will not apply these acrylic nails to infected toes, instead they will show you have to treat the problem, and recommend you see a doctor. You run the risk of losing the toe nail otherwise.

But preventing this problem from even starting is very easy. When your hands or feet get wet be sure to dry them with a soft dry towel, or an air dryer. Once a week place Lamisil on your foot and allow it to soak in, then add Fungoid to your nails right before you go to sleep. Daily place any form of athlete’s foot powder into your shoes and socks, and let your feet breath outside of your shoes and socks whenever it is possible.

If your nails do become infected after you put on acrylic nails, there are still some simple solutions to attempt to treat them. These don’t require going to the doctor to get a prescription, but know that might be what you end up having to do.

What Are Some Treatments?

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful oil that comes from the tea tree. It is well known for helping to sooth not only dry and irritated skin, but has anti-fungal properties that help in killing fungi that appears in your acrylic nails, simple wipe it onto the infected nail, and under it to get the maximum benefit.

The other solution that doesn’t include cutting the nail would be to clean under the nail twice a day scrapping out the gunk that might collect under it and cleaning it with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will break down the fungi while the removal of nutrients will prevent it from thriving and spreading.

Your final option might be to go to the myzetaclear.com and receive zetaclear medication that will kill the fungus. The oral medications are hard on the liver and should only be used as a last resort. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor. Remember, there are other solutions available that aren’t prescription only and remain safe, research will help you to determine those items.

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