The First Shocking Internet Review of Genf20 Plus!

If you have picked up a paper recently you might have seen Genf20 Plus the buzz about the product is pretty big. We are pleased to tell you that we are the FIRST online reviewer of the product!

Let’s start with the basics. It works. It works. It WORKS!!!!!!!!

This is always a good start with any product but in the HGH marketplace which is full of hoax, fake and pretty damn dangerous products – we wanted to get the simple statement out of the way first.

Feel younger with Genf20 Plus. We have been trying the product for over 5 months – since the initial “test pool” got announced and we are still bouncing around the office because we quite literally FEEL YOUNGER.


Firstly, it is not a miracle product. The results build up over time and we would strongly suggest you look to take the product for 3-6 months. They have a guarantee which covers you for 3 months (refund) so you will be more than fine.

You can expect:

  • Friends and family to comment on your youthful appearance
  • Strangers to talk about your smoother, more radiant skin
  • Your partner to love your new vibrancy in the bedroom

And boundless energy with more focussed mental alertness. At least that is what we all found! Some of our testers also thought their wrinkles had become less noticeable – a lovely addition!

It is like you but on a very very very good day.

Why is Genf20 Plus Better Than The Rest?

The combination of HIGH QUALITY and a FANTASTIC selection of the best HGH ingredients ever found is the simple reason why we would RIGHT NOW say that HGH Advanced is the best HGH product available.

That is a bold claim. There are products which have been on the marketplace for years BUT what we ask you to do is compare the ingredients in Genf20 plus spray to competitors.

You will find that every competitor as 1 or 2 ingredients the same as Genf20 plus but NONE of them have the full list of what many experts consider to be the HGH ingredients which get results.

The best ingredients = the best results.


Yes and NO. Today the Genf20 Plus website is taking orders but yesterday a big SOLD OUT message was splashed across the home page. To get clarification we contacted the company behind the product and the truth is that if the websites says you can order then they have STOCK AVAILBLE.

If the website as SOLD OUT on it, you will simply have to wait. Everyone is switching from their old HGH product to the new HGH ADVANCED. Makes sense but not good for us!

If you are lucky enough to get an order placed today then we would suggest you order as much as you can afford and also we know from our experiences that delivery is VERY QUICK! They have depots all over the world (they ship worldwide) and you can get your order in just a few days.

We love it. We hope you love it. In fact we know you will love it. Genf20 Plus is already the #1 HGH product in our opinion!

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