Preventing Hair Loss: I Don’t Count the Hairs Anymore

Loss of hair cannot be prevented as hairs grow and fall off after some time and these fallen hairs are replaced by new hairs. Normally speaking a person loses around 100-150 hairs in a day. As per ceraonline this is a normal cycle you don’t need to get worried but then if you loose more than the normal amounts of hair then you need to check in the reason for this hair fall. Larger amounts of hair fall could be due to various reasons like having undergone a major surgery, pregnancy, anxiety, stress, diseases like diabetes, cancer, gout, lupus etc. Hair loss could also be due to fungal and bacterial infection of the hair, but then these are all temporary and you will regain your hairs once you solve the problem. You can always prevent this hair loss by following some simple tips:

1] Always keep your body health and follow a healthy diet which is rich in proteins, vitamins and nutrition as they will help the scalp to remain healthy and will allow hair follicles to produce hair in order to replace the dead hairs. Exercising regularly will improve blood circulation in the body.

2] Stop injuring your hair : Excessive use of harsh shampoos and treating your hair to various coloring products damage your hair, and you cannot replace hair once they are damaged. Avoid using dry heat, blow dryers and curling irons as they will crack the hair causing further damage to your already damaged hairs.

3] Unnecessary stress and anxiety are reasons for hair loss so find ways to de-stress yourself as this will not only show on your hairs but will ruin your general health also.

4] Use topical treatments for solving your problem of hair loss, you could also use essential oils and herbs to help open up your hair follicle and stimulating the re-growth of dead hair follicle.

5] Using medically approved products or FDA approved products on your hair which come in the form of lotion and pills.

6] Starting early on gives you excellent results as using of oral medications like profollica helps prevent further hair loss and also stimulates the dead hair follicle back to life. For best results you have to use the products for at least a time period of three to six months.

7] Don’t give up easily: Using the right product will always generate positive results but for this you need to experiment with which product is the best one for your type of hair loss problem.

8] Lastly if none of the above mentioned mode of treatment is useful to prevent your hair loss problem than you can always opt for other modes like using wigs, fashion accessories, hair pieces and even hair transplants. Though hair transplants are very expensive and painful but then they will give you a permanent relief.

With the many modes of treatment you will surely have the best option available to lead a normal and happy life.

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