Natural Hair Removal

Are Natural Hair Remover Products Really “Natural”?

In the 20th century, any product labeled “natural” is considered to be the best. Many people are convinced that natural products are the best and give great results. When it comes to hair removal products, the theory remains the same. Natural hair removal is considered safest than using hair removers with chemicals. It takes chemicals to remove hair even natural products have chemicals; the grand question is to what extent?

Today, natural hair removal products are extensively marketed worldwide though the sad fact is many of them are up to standards with regards to their function. Many people have been disappointed with the labeled “natural” hair remover products. Unfortunately, its effectiveness is varied from one person to another.

Growth inhibitors are natural products used to interrupt hair growth by affecting the hair follicle. Kalo, one of the growth inhibitor products was the original natural product to enter the market. Available to all ages and genders, its effectiveness was varied from one person to another. It became easily accessible without over the counter prescriptions. Later, Vaniqua product was introduced into the same market. This product was specifically to be used by one gender, females above twelve years. This too received varied results which were determined by the nature of the skin and hair. Vaniqua became inaccessible because of it was strictly prescribed. This product was specific to facial hair removal.

Modern Hair Removal Methods

With the rapid growth in technology, hair removal machines were revolutionized. This machine became capable of solving all personalized hair problems faced by different persons. It also had the function of minute skin scrub and removal of dead hair and skin using a natural diamond material. These machines are believed to be safe, user friendly and produce great results.

With the introduction of chemicalized growth inhibitors which change the structure of follicle in a person, these products can also change the hair textures from thick coarse hair to finer and softer hair ready for removal. Advantages of these products, it affects the specific are applied and it’s effective on both coarse and fine hair regardless of gender. Yes, one with sensitive skin can safely use these products.

However, we do have some really natural hair removal products such as Turmeric paste. This has been tested and proven in India. Turmeric has a component present called “curcurmin” which as a natural antiseptic property which is effective for hair removal. Unlike the chemicalized hair removal products, Turmeric paste needs to be constantly applied for an even longer duration for best results. It really has no side effects though it cannot be used where there is a lot of hair growth.

Naturally genuine hair removal products have been discovered through years on end of dedicated research and development. These natural products contact a mixture of extracts from plants, which are organic and are really safe for use as well as they assure you of a painless process. Avoid using painful natural methods of hair removal such as waxing, tweezing which are very harsh and painful process.

Natural products are the best solution to your hair removal problems!

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