Makeup Tips for Dark Circles

Dark Circles can be cleverly concealed beneath make up, with the use of right cosmetics and application techniques. However, concealing dark circles under make up is not the best solution, as it is only a temporary remedy. To permanently fade dark circles, invest in cream, which is one of the most powerful under eye creams for removing dark circles, puffiness and crow’ feet. Cream works better than a concealer and permanently removes dark circles.

If you are looking for make up tricks to conceal dark circles, here are some effective tips on how to use concealers to cover up dark circles.

There are different types of concealers available in the market. To begin with, buy a concealer from a reputed brand. Concealers come in cream, powder and liquid form. The best concealers are the liquid based ones, which give a matte finish on drying. Select a color which is at least a shade lighter than your facial skin tone, if you only want to conceal dark circles. In case you want to conceal dark circles and puffiness, use a concealer which is at least 2 tones darker than your skin tone.

Dab small dots of concealer under the eye and gently blend it into the skin using the ring finger. Blend the concealer from the inside corner to the outer corner of the eye. Daubing too much concealer will create an artificial look, which will appear very ugly. Concealers are opaque and easily blend into the skin. As concealers take on the skin color, they are extremely effective at concealing dark circles. A yellow base concealer is most commonly used by make up artists for concealing dark circles. Yellow concealers merge well with the skin and give a very natural look.

After cleverly concealing the dark circles with the concealer, you can apply regular makeup. You can use an eye liner to highlight the eyes, add a touch of blush and a lip gloss, and you will be set for the day.

However, instead of using concealer each time, you have to go out, use a dark circle cream like eyelasticity Cream for lasting results. Cream will permanently remove the dark circles and keep them from resurfacing. Unlike using a concealer, which requires some skill, Cream application is quick and simple and the results are permanent.

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