How To Remove Acrylic Nails

Numerous people worry about their nails. They expect to attain healthy nails. Hangnail is that which is faced by lots of people and it is single general nail problem. There are some methods by which we can protect ourselves from ruining the attractiveness of one’s nail. The tiny dead skin coming out at the side of the nails will not merely spoil your beauty, but more often than not will pain a lot as they catch on nearly the whole things including clothes and hair thus giving piercing pain. By following some clean and germ-free alterations in one’s schedule, one can search out and can get rid of these unwanted and troublesome hangnails which can as well turn into throbbing over a phase of time. Lots of people criticize about their nails as they became irritating gives ugly looks and aching too. They convey their curiosity in discovering a ways to stop their ugliness.

About the disease called Hangnails?

Excess existence of a skin around the nail and incompletely detaches from the nail is a hangnail. Hang nails are a part of skin which gradually increases with the act of nail biting. They are the tiny pieces of dead skin which attaches itself to the base of the nail. They can be very painful at times but still the good news is that they are avoidable by following some simple measures.

How Hangnails are caused?

The key reason of hangnails is the dryness of the cuticles. Cuticle is the skin nearby the nails. When skin becomes dry, the cuticle disappears partly and become niggling. If individuals pick or drag the skin then its condition become deteriorate so don’t attempt to do this and keep away from this. This is also found with those who keep their hands in water for a long period of time due to which the skin surrounding the nail becomes soft and starts reaching to stage of hangnail. This disease is also common with the people who more often than not bite their nails regularly. This disease is very often than not found with the small children who bite their nails consistently.


Prevention of hangnails is quite possible as the most excellent way to prevent hangnails is to keep it wet. This disease can be prevented by following some simple suggestions as prevention is better than cure.

  • Do not bite off the unwanted skin near your nail as it may start bleeding, to avoid this you can carry a small scissor and cut it in early stage to avoid its further growth which is the best method.
  • Wash your hands in warm for 5-10 min. and don’t forget to apply Funginix or moisturizing cream around the affected area as it will help to make your nail stronger. Instead of cream oil can also be applied.
  • If you are in a practice of biting your nails, try to resist yourself. There are also numerous bitter tasting formulas available which will prevent you from biting your nails.
  • While performing any household work, do wear protecting gloves.

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